Tobacco board slammed for exploiting farmers


Anjuman-e-Khasthkarn has demanded of the government to take action against the Tobacco Board because tobacco companies with the connivance of Tobacco Board are not paying original rates to tobacco farmers.
Addressing the meeting of farmers, Anjuman-e-Khasthkaran provincial president Abdul Haleem Khan Mayar, Vice President Haji Namat Shah Roghani and General Secretary Ismail Jan along-with other leaders said that tobacco farmers are facing a lot of problems due to nonpayment of their yield by the tobacco companies.
They said that the wrong polices of government provided opportunity to tobacco companies to loot the farmers with both hands and don’t pay them actual rates.
They said that government has also increased the rates of fertilizers and insecticides, and the expenses of growing tobacco has increased manifold but the tobacco companies are not paying proper rate to the growers.