Nisar rejects ‘commission for new provinces’


Rejecting the newly formed ‘commission for creation of new provinces’, opposition leader in the National Assembly, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has sidelined the issue to discretion of President Zardari’s press secretary.
Talking to media in his chambers on Wednesday, Chaudhry Nisar said that PML-N would not be party to any ‘such commission’ formed, which was rather a Parliamentary commission, as contrary to his demanded National commission.
He also expressed his deep regrets that both speaker and deputy speaker had unfortunately fallen to machinations of government; as the formed commission did not take PML-N into confidence, despite the fact that party was included in the commission.
He lambasted the formation of commission, in which the government had very slyly added 9 members from the ruling party itself, while only 3 Provincial members were added from Punjab’s ruling party; “the formation which belies the commission very effectively”, he berated.
“Even here, only members hailing from Southern Punjab have been inducted, while those from remaining six divisions of Punjab have been ignored”, he complained.
He further reasoned that “Despite the fact that in case of any formation of new provinces from Southern Punjab, Bahawalpur, the remaining six divisions of Punjab would remain entangled with newly created provinces, over the issues of water quotas, demarcation of provincial boundaries and distribution of assets”.
Chaudhry Nisar was also critical over the fact that the chairmanship of commission had been wrongly handed over to President Zardari’s press secretary, Farhatullah Babar, who was an un-elected persona.
The opposition leader also objected over the inclusion of ANP, which did not have a single representative in these areas singled out for new provinces.
Another objection by Chaudhry Nisar relates to the fact that the commission was formed to oversee only the formation of Bahawalpur and Southern Punjab provinces, while the 2/3rds majority based resolution by Punjab Assembly also included the issues of Hazara, and FATA as well.
Claiming that the resolution passed by Punjab Assembly had been negated by President Zardari’s correspondence with the NA speaker, Chaudhry Nisar accused government of merely politicising the issue, while PML-N had taken a serious stand over it.
The opposition leader expressed his confidence, only over member commission, MQM’s Farooq Sattar, while declaring “rest of members as non-serious and uncommitted.”
He also outlined that while PML-N had passed two resolutions from its Assembly platform, ANP had not uttered a single word in support of Hazara province, for which countless sacrifices had been rendered; while PML-Q also stood aloof as a silent spectator.
Warning the government over exposing its shameless partisan dodging attitude, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that PML-N would be willing to join a new commission based on National basis, rather than being a Parliamentary commission.
Replying to a question, Chaudhry Nisar Ali khan strongly rejected the isolation of PML-N; “rather two other power hungry political parties (PPP and PML-Q) were isolated, and PML-N would prove its political presence in next general elections”, he challenged.
He also informed the media that PML-N had begun contacting other political parties for caretaker government setup, with opening overtures to Akhtar Mengal, PTI and Mahmood Khan Achakzai.
“I will announce the options for caretaker prime minister, for media within coming two weeks”, he announced.


  1. PML is on the decline. They are starting to pay the price of their mistakes and bad judgements of the past. nawaz once said that he would support zardari even if ppp abandoned him. He proved that by supporting ppp govt while staying in opposition. Tie a big fat rope around his big fat neck.

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