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Mullah Omar, aides living in Pakistan: General Allen

The top American general in Afghanistan has said that reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Omar was hiding in Pakistan along with his commanders.
“Omar lives in Pakistan, as do many of his commanders. From that safe vantage point, they’ve sent hundreds of young, impressionable, largely spiritual and helpless youths to their deaths and detention in Afghanistan. For this, they must forfeit their honor and any claim to Islamic virtue,” General John Allen, Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, said in an article. Allen’s article focused on the recent increase in attack on US troops from the Afghan security force, which the Taliban have been claiming of carrying out.
“The focus on ‘green-on-blue’ attacks obscures the callous slaughter of Afghan civilians by insurgents led by Mohammad Omar. He has the blood of innocents on his hands even though he hypocritically tells his subordinates not to attack civilians,” Allen said, holding that Omar was either out of touch, or his forces were out of control.
“Perhaps that should be no surprise. Green and blue have been taking the fight to the red enemy, the Taliban, and the enemy is fighting back from a position of weakness,” said the top American commander, holding that the outfit had been losing ground. “His forces have largely been ejected from most of the relevant population areas, and from among the most relevant terrain in Afghanistan. Omar is losing financial support from donors, who are sending their money elsewhere, and from reduced drug profits, thanks to Afghan and coalition efforts to stamp out the poppy harvest,” he said. Allen also appreciated Afghan security forces for their efforts in curbing Taliban’s influence.
Meanwhile, the US has issued a warning to its citizens traveling to Pakistan in the wake of possible terror threats in the country. Urging American nationals to avoid protests and large gathering, the State Department, in a travel advisory, said the presence of al Qaeda, Taliban, and indigenous militant sectarian groups posed a potential danger to US citizens throughout Pakistan. “Threat reporting indicates terrorist groups continue to seek opportunities to attack locations where US citizens and Westerners are known to congregate or visit, such as shopping areas, hotels, clubs and restaurants, places of worship, schools, and outdoor recreation events,” it said. Travel to most of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan was also restricted per the new advisory that replaces the one issued on February 2.

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  1. Muhammad said:

    No doubts, of course these animals r our assets which we have been using against mankind for the last 1400 years

  2. Tass said:

    Ask Sh Rasheed who has publicly sought Mullah Omer's permission and blessings for Imran Khan in his planned march to Waziristan. He seems to acknowledge his contact with Mullah Omer. Is Sh Rasheed now been funded by Americans, because within 24 hrs of his claim, Gen Mullen gives this statement.

  3. Imran said:

    The US Might is Scared to death from Mulla Omar. Amazing.

  4. Javed Iqbal via Face said:

    Great news!! ab kis shehar ki baari hai…?

  5. Muhammad Wajid via F said:

    drone ne kissi ko mulla omer k liyay duoaa kartay sunn liya ho ga??

  6. Rabia Khoso said:

    Whose game is Sh Rasheed, the former henchman of Mush, playing now. Is he obeying Mush orders and than what is Imran Khan doing on this issue. He was on the stage when Sheeda Tully requested Mullah Omer to facilitate Imran's entry into Waziristan, which is part of Pakistan.

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