No unscheduled power outages in Lahore: LESCO chief


Lahore Electric Power Company (LESCO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sharafat Ali Siyal said on Monday that there was no unscheduled power load-shedding in the Lahore and electric supply was suspended only in areas where development projects were underway.
While briefing the media at LESCO Head Office, the CEO said, “We have to suspend the electricity supply for a few hours in surrounding areas of the under construction Metro Bus Service project and some other projects in the metropolitan city, however, such outages should not be considered as load-shedding.”
He added that the LESCO would issue the power outage schedule through the media.
While answering a question, he said that strict action would be taken against the power stealers irrespective of their social status or political association, adding that LESCO was also taking to task the officers and other staffers involved in the overbilling. “The LESCO took strict departmental action against a large number of its officers and staffers which no other power distribution company has taken so far on account of overbilling or corrupt practices,” he maintained. Siyal said that LESCO had also posted the defaulters list on its website. While answering a query from the media, he said “Yes, we have recovered Rs 163 million from the WASA; however, the Punjab Government owes Rs 5 billion electricity bills to the company”.

Shortfall reaches 3782MW

Shortfall of electricity has increased and reached 3,782 megawatt across the country while load shedding continues in Punjab including Lahore due to which consumers are facing great difficulties. According to Energy Management Cell (EMC), the production of electricity in the country decreased and reached 13,482 MW while the demand of electricity was 17,214 MW. Owing to shortfall of electricity, the power outages in Lahore had continued at regular intervals.