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Mullah Omar, aides living in Pakistan: US General

An American general has said Mullah Omar and other commanders are hiding in Pakistan.
The statement contradicts Islamabad’s stand that the Taliban leader lives across the border in his country.
In a direct repudiation of repeated claims of Pakistan, a top American general based in Afghanistan has said that reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Omar is hiding in Pakistan along with his commanders.
“Omar lives in Pakistan, as do many of his commanders. From that safe vantage point, they’ve sent hundreds of young, impressionable, largely spiritual and helpless youths to their deaths and detention in Afghanistan. For this, they must forfeit their honour and any claim to Islamic virtue,” General John Allen, Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, wrote in an article in The Washington Post.
Allen’s article focused on the recent increase in attacks on US troops from the Afghan security force, which Taliban has been claiming it has infiltrated and carrying out such strikes.
“The focus on ‘green-on-blue’ attacks obscures the callous slaughter of Afghan civilians by insurgents led by Mohammad Omar. He has the blood of innocents on his hands even though he hypocritically tells his subordinates not to attack civilians,” Allen said, holding that Omar is either out of touch, or his forces are out of control.
“Perhaps that should be no surprise. ‘Green’ and ‘blue’ have been taking the fight to the red enemy, the Taliban, and the enemy is fighting back from a position of weakness,” he said, holding that the outfit has been losing ground.
“His forces have largely been ejected from most of the relevant population areas, and from among the most relevant terrain in Afghanistan. Omar is losing financial support from donors, who are sending their money elsewhere, and from reduced drug profits, thanks to Afghan and coalition efforts to stamp out the poppy harvest,” he said.
Allen also appreciated Afghan security forces for their efforts in curbing Taliban’s influence.

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  1. khan said:

    The hashish army got all the praise wow what a hypocrisy.

  2. Pashtunyar said: a garrison town somewhere in western pakistan?Well its an open secret that the taliban leadership is based in Quetta! Isnt it time we stop these double games? The taliban and the strategic depth theory should be confined to the 'dustbin of history.' Afghanistan is our dear neighbour and not our backyard. (for pashtuns around the world its our spiritual homeland and nothing would please us more than a peaceful and prosperous Afghnistan and pakistan)

    • Patriot said:

      Agreed. They are no longer a valid strategic asset in that their offshoots and imitators are now a direct threat to the state, regardless of who is funding those. That same strategy is backfiring on us, time to take a new less militaristic and more diplomatic and economy based approached to regional posturing.

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