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Seven die in ferocious tribal clash

A violent armed clash between Nareeja and Kalhora tribes in Khairpur’s Kaccha (remote) area has left seven dead.
Armed Nareeja tribals attacked the Bhandi Kalhora village limits of Abdul Rehman Anar at sunset, using latest automatic weapons and even rocket launchers, torching the village before they left.
The violent sudden attack took the unsuspecting / unprepared Kalhora tribe by total surprise, while Nareeja tribe has rather accused Kalhora of perpetuating the attack.
Four Kalhora people died due to firing and rocketing, while three were burnt to death, after the attackers torched the village, raising alarming concerns/possibilities of more casualties.
Upon receiving the news, heavy police contingents, transported in armored vehicles from Pir Goth, Gambhat, Ranipur, and Khairpur rushed to the scene, while fear and panic griped the area.
The dead include Zain-ul-Abidin, Ihsanullah, Rajab, Abdul Waheed, Zanu alias Zanawar, Masajid and one unidentified.
A massive mourning surrounds the Kalhora tribal homes, while they have even been restrained from picking up the dead bodies.
Khairpur SSP Irfan Baloch has assured that all involved would soon be arrested and brought to justice.

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