Govt comes to working women’s rescue


The government has announced to construct two new hostels for working women in the federal budget 2012-13 to address the grievances of working women who are facing acute shortage of secure and affordable accommodation.
While talking to agencies, an official from the ministry of human rights said that the hostels which would be constructed in sector G 6/2 and G 7/3 was a vital part of the latest budget.
He informed that a competition would be held among architecture departments of different universities to produce a suitable design that could accommodate a large number of women, while offering a comfortable environment to them.
A large number of working women and female students come from far-flung villages to the federal capital every year in search of jobs and for studying in better educational institutions. The primary problem that they face is finding a suitable living space.
Working women hostels is a long standing demand as private hostels are not only over saturated but also very expensive and the living conditions there are far from ideal. Afshan who hails from Rahim Yar Khan and works at a cellular company said that it was a gigantic task for girls to find a comfortable place for living, adding that lack of hostels aggravated their problems to a great extent.
Salma who works with a Non Government Organization (NGO) said, “I am living in the capital for the last five years but have yet to find a satisfactory and comfortable place to live”.
She said that the existing hostels were full to their capacity and most rooms sheltered 4 to 6 girls at a time.
Another girl Iffat said that living in a new atmosphere with unwelcoming roommates, unhygienic food and substandard accommodation was really a test of nerves for them.
Salma who lives in a private hostel said that they lived in small overcrowded rooms because they had no other option. According to her, the rents of private working women hostels varied within the twin cities and ranged between Rs 5,500 and Rs 10000.
She also said that the lack of hygienic bathrooms in most hostels was a major issue faced by the working women and the numbers of bathrooms were inversely proportional to the number of students.
Girls welcomed the step of the government as the new hostels would provide them with an option of affordable and comfortable accommodation.
I have been working in Islamabad for the past 5 years but I am yet to find a good place to live,”
NGO worker