Rehman Malik is twisting mobile companies’ arm to mint money: Sana


Provincial Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah has said that Interior Minister Rehman Malik wanted to mint money from the mobile companies and they reason why people like Ayaz Soomro were talking was to divert the attention from federal government’s corruption.
He said Punjab was not being treated fairly in the issue of creation of new provinces.
Sanaullah was addressing a pre-session media briefing at Punjab Assembly on Saturday. He said that PML-N leadership and Punjab government had not committed corruption of a single penny. He said that Rehman Malik was playing dual game in every matter.
He said that PML-N had already declared its assets. He said the PPP’s days were numbered. He said the number of representatives of Punjab in the new provinces commission should be increased since 2 from the house of 371 were not enough.