KWSB exempted from outages despite outstanding bills: KESC


The Karachi Electrict Supply Company (KESC) has exempted the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) from load-shedding.
A KESC statement issued here on Saturday claimed that this has been done inspite of what it called `outstanding bills in excess of Rs 17 billion. It said that on the morning of August 25, one of its 132 kv transmission lines had tripped resulting in an outage at the Dhabeji and Gharo pumping stations. The statement further claimed that the `KESC has still maintained the load shedding exemption status’ at all the water pumping stations of what it called `its biggest defaulter’. It was of the view that the KESC’s only considerations are the dwellers of Karachi. If power supply to KWSB is disconnected, it is the common man who would suffer which KESC does not want.