ISAF confirms killing Taliban leader Mulla Dadullah


The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) on Saturday confirmed killing a Taliban leader namely Dadullah in the eastern Kunar province.
“The Taliban leader Dadullah was one of several insurgents killed in a precision airstrike in Shigal district, Kunar province, yesterday,” a statement of the alliance released here Saturday said.
Maulawi Dadullah, also known as Jamal, was responsible for the movement of fighters and weapons, as well as attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, the statement added.
It also noted that after the strike, the Afghan and coalition security force conducted a post-strike assessment and determined no civilians had been injured and no civilian property had been damaged.
Earlier police chief of Kunar province Awaz Mohammad Nazari said that air strike carried out by ISAF’s unmanned plane in Shalton village of Shigal district on Friday evening left dead 12 Pakistani Taliban militants including their commander Mullah Dadullah.


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