US reacts cautiously to Kabul’s foreign hand claim on ‘insider attacks’


Reacting cautiously to Kabul’s claim that foreign intelligence services were mainly responsible for the “insider attacks” by Afghan uniformed personnel against their US mentors, American top general General John Allen has said he would need to look at Afghan intelligence to say anything definitively on the issue. The commander of US forces in Afghanistan said he would look into all reasons that may have caused ‘insider attacks’ by uniformed Afghan police and soldiers on American forces.
Speaking with reporters via a video conference from Afghanistan, General Allen held the Taliban responsible for about 25 percent of all the so called green-on-blue attacks against US forces.
“The reasons for these attacks are very complex, and we are going to look at all of the reasons,” Allen told reporters at a Pentagon briefing Thursday.
The four star general was asked if he would buy the conclusions by President Hamid Karzai’s office on Wednesday that foreign intelligence services’ brainwashing of the Afghan security recruits were the main reasons for “insider attacks.”
“I am looking forward to Afghanistan providing us with the intelligence that permits them to come to that conclusion, so that we can understand how they have drawn that conclusion and we could add that into our analysis,” Allen said
“But we will wait for me to make a definitive statement on that issue until we have seen their intelligence,” in that regard, he added.
On Wednesday, American media reports said cited the US officials as saying that the United States had no information suggesting that the insider attacks were the work of foreign intelligence services.