Someone in Pakistan knew of bin Laden’s presence: Haqqani


United States and Pakistan should stop pretending that they are allies and amicably “divorce,” Pakistan’s former ambassador to Washington said on Wednesday, citing unrealistic expectations that Islamabad will sever its links to extremists.
“If in 65 years, you haven’t been able to find sufficient common ground to live together, and you had three separations and four reaffirmations of marriage, then maybe the better way is to find friendship outside the marital bond,” Hussain Haqqani said, addressing the Center for the National Interest, a Washington think tank.
He said that Pakistan’s military needed to be under greater civilian control, adding that Pakistan’s national interests are defined “by generals, not by civilian leaders.”
The depths of the strained US-Pakistan relationship have come into full public view ever since US unilaterally staged a raid to kill Osama bin Laden last year. Haqqani was ambassador at the time. He repeatedly said that someone in Pakistan knew of bin Laden’s presence, even though he stopped short of blaming Pakistan’s principal intelligence agency, the Inter Services Intelligence directorate (ISI).
“I still think a full proper investigation on the Pakistani side is needed to find out how Osama bin Laden lived in Pakistan and who supported him — within or outside the government,” he said, “I really do not know (who helped bin Laden). All I am saying is that somebody knew.”
He said it was just as unrealistic for Pakistanis to think that the United States would side with Pakistan by launching war on India as it was for the United States to think Pakistan would give up its nuclear weapons or sever ties with extremists.
Describing his vision for a post-alliance future for the United States and Pakistan, Haqqani appeared to downplay US security concerns. He said that Pakistan’s eight-month shut-off of ground supply lines for NATO forces in Afghanistan showed the United States it could rely on more costly routes to the North.


  1. Sure. The double mouthed snakes knew. Infact, he was Pakistan`s guest. Yankies are mad not for nothing….

  2. Mr .Haqqani i have always admired you academic, beurocraratic, and your diplomatic background. Being married into a influential family also helps a little. How can we " divorce " when we were never " married" The relationship with USA is more like that of a "mistress" since the birth of Pakistan. We were always rewarded proportionally for services rendered nothing more!
    When Pakistan came into being it had nothing in the form of functioning army i.e no military hardware. Our security was at stake. We needed friends. Defence Minister Ayub who was simultaneously COAS and later the president threw his lot with USA to
    equip his army. Well yes said USA but could we use your airbases to spy on Soviet union? Yes said Pakistan. Well i am sure you remember Gerry Francis Debacle when his u2 was forced to land in russia and he spilled the beans. Krushkowe threatensed Pakistan but the bases existed to defend Pakistan.
    Facts show USA always regarded India as of more stategic interest than Pakistan and
    Eishenawarr Administration made several efforts to woe India but Nehrue would not oblige . He was more interested in Non alighnment move ment more inlined to be friends wth Russia and China. Remember Hindus -chinese bhai-bhai.slogan .Pakistan saw it's chance and forced it's way into USA orbit by joining various pacts to the disgusts of the arab countries but Pakistan was richly rewarded again with the state of art military hardware.
    The came he border war between China and India. The latter was mauled and asked secretly help from USA . It was forthcoming at once to the dismay of pakistan. Pakistanis had judged india to be weak and wanted to exploit the situation but were ordered to cool down–they did in fact Ayub offered a mutual defence pact to india against foreign aggression but realised his folly very quickly and backtracked.
    A young brilliant foreign Minister ZAB realised that Pakistan had put all it's eggs in one basket and much to the dislike of USA opened successfully contacts with China. Then came the war between India and Pakistan. we had expected full support from USA as an ally but none came –infact we deied denied spare parts and other hardware because we had not listened to USA to desist. No presents to the mistress but still matters could change if ZAB got the sack. It was done but he refused to be silenced.
    During the Bengladesh war both China And USA proved tb paper tigers and did nothing while Pakistani army was being annhilated. Oh yes USA sent 7th fleet as asymbolic gesture. We were back in USA 's pocket . Our Army needed hardware –yes said USa but we must get rid of ZAB first. He wants the Bomb for Pakistan. It was done! Kissinger had threatened allredy ZAB. Service was back to normal but Zia was cagey. He wanted "cashew nuts" instead of' peanuts' on offer. Carter said no but Reagon said yes because they needed pakistan's help in Afghanistan against the Russions. Pakistan got so much that it had difficulty storing the weapons. The russians were defeated . USA did not lose a single soldier. Thank you Pakistan and USA left us holding the can and Afgahnistan's disaster became pakistan's problem and we are paying a heavy price upto now. Again when 9.11. took place USA needed us but at the barrel of a gun . We threw inn our lot with them. Well we got our reward .we got f16 jet fighters for which we had paid already. ALl the times Pakistan was asked to do more to get more aid. we alws obliged and got sucked more and more into the Afgani problem which became afapak problem. USA was meanwhile mending it's fences with India and creating a strategic alliance right under our nose! We had been rewarded enough as a" mistress" The question of maintenace does not arise! The prize was india all the time!
    Now Mr . the polished Diplomat as you are you too have left us . Your talent and experience will be missed but i sincerely hope it is separation and not a divorce. We
    need you .

  3. Can someone muzzle this traitor. He is an embarrassment to Pakistan and to his lords and masters in the CIA, on whose payroll he seems to have survived on for years while in wilderness – like now.

    • Mr Assjaz, please stop having relationships with your camel! Camels spit and are unsanitary. In the United States, we put them in zoos an people pay $5 for their children to ride on them. We SURE don't try to reproduce with them! So, please leave that poor camel alone!

  4. Great. Blame the CIA. Mr Haqqani is a minor player and irrelevant. The CIA did not kill Shias, Christians and Hindus or make the country an international pariah or bankrupt. It is time to face major issues like terrorism, intolerance, power cuts, etc than waste energy and effort with Mr Haqqani and get distracted from
    what needs to be done. Raise your voice against the 11 year old handicapped Christian girl in jail for blasphemy.

  5. Nobody has answered the question how and why Bin Laden was allowed to live in Pakistan. From being a laughing stock, the politicians and Army have made Pakistan the most despised country in the world. The government has stop lying to its own people. Nobody believes a word that govt of Pakistan says. Please consider whether anyone would want to take a chance and employ a Pakistani in other countries. The individual may be fine but what is the guarantee that he is not bringing with him the hate, intolerance, extremism and jehadi culture that many are taught.

  6. Bin Laden was living in a posh area just few Kilometer away from the military hub. Hussain Haqqani is quite right and during his tenure as ambassador he has castigated for the dire consequences of alleged support by our sacred cows. He was an intelligent and skilled ambassador, who pulled controversial Pak-US ties for long. His views are always logical and carry weight. The mistrust between US and Pak is not a new phenomenon and Hussain Haqqani always tried to bridge differences between US and Pak. His cogent views always displeased some powerful sections in society and therefore he was forced to face the music and sidelined but we should remember that side-lining Hussain Haqqani has just added insult to injuries. Former ambassador always pin pointed the key issues with Pakistani nation, that we love to receive aid from US but we continue hating it and declare it sole enemy of Pakistan and Islam.

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