Prepaid SIMs not being blocked immediately


Prepaid SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules) would not be blocked immediately across the country and a meeting would be held next week to discuss the issue, Interior Ministry sources said on Thursday. On Tuesday, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had said that the government was considering shutting prepaid mobile SIMs issued on fake documents, as they were used in terrorist attacks. On Chand Raat and during Eid prayers, the government suspended mobile phone services in Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Quetta due to terror threats. Sources said that all stakeholders would attend the meeting, which would decide whether to block the SIMs step by step, or to regularize them.


  1. Pre-Paid sims should be blocked or their verification process should be same as of Post Pay sims. If you are clean you wont be afraid of getting though the verification process.

  2. While deciding to convert prepaid cell phone service to post paid sims Interior Minister quite ignores the fact that crimes are done mostly on stolen/snatched sims. Each sim is registered on a particular name & all its call data (incoming/outgoing) can be recovered from its service provider. Failing to implement law & order & control the rate of crimes in the country the Interior Minister goes the other way. To convert prepaid sims to post paid the interior minister will have to get the line rent waived off.

  3. I agree with rehman mallk and also appreciate of their opinion. Because due to this the society will be polished from unfair elements. So please do as soon as possible.

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