KESC rejects Water Board’s ‘propaganda’


Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has strongly rejected the false propaganda being churned by the Water Board management and made it clear that the water board pumping stations were totally exempted from all load shedding schedules, an official said on Thursday.
The KESC representative said that unfortunately the faulty and dilapidated internal cables, within the premises of the pumping stations, had been causing outages and pumping failures.
Welcoming KWSB’s call for a high level inquiry into the Water Board affairs as stated by their management, he said that any impartial inquiry would certainly validate the fact there was no load shedding conducted by KESC at the pumping stations.
“This is despite the startling fact that the Water Board had outstanding dues of over Rs 17 billion and the monthly electricity bills of Rs 350-400 million/month remain unpaid consistently. The internal cables of the key pumping stations providing water to the city are beyond their serviceable life, but the negligent board authorities had not been paying any attention to that vital issue,” he added.
The official said that repeated issues with the Water Board towards discharging its responsibilities was reflective only of the poor management on Water Board’s end, which seem unable to correct their inefficiencies and faulty policies. He also said that the water board authorities were adamant on using KESC as the scapegoat for all their ills.
“Despite the Water Board’s repeated claims of damages to its pipe lines, it has till date not implemented any contingency plan to develop a standby power supply system to meet any emergency,” he maintained.