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Drone attacks kill at least 15 militants in NWA

US drone strikes targeting three militant compounds on Friday killed at least 15 rebels in tribal region near the Afghan border, security officials said.
“The death from three US drone attacks in North Waziristan has gone up to at least 15,” a senior security official in the northwestern city of Peshawar told AFP, revising the earlier toll of eight.
Another security official confirmed the new toll saying “now we have reports that the attacks left 15 dead and several injured.”
The official feared the death toll may rise.
“We are collecting details and the toll may rise further,” he added.
The strikes in Tundar village in North Waziristan, known as a bastion of Taliban and Al-Qaeda, came a day after Pakistan summoned a US diplomat to protest over the attacks, calling them “unlawful”.
“US drones fired six missiles, two each on the three militant compounds,” the senior security official told AFP on condition of anonymity.
He said several drones were flying over the village at the time of the strike.
A third security official confirmed the strikes and casualties, adding that the identities of the dead were not immediately clear, also confirming that the death toll may rise.
“We are gradually getting information from the area of the new strikes, which is mountainous and covered by thick forest,” he said.
Officials said the area targeted is used by militants belonging to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Afghan Taliban allied with Haqqani network and Hafiz Gul Bahadur group.
Pakistan has repeatedly criticised American drone strikes in its territory, calling them counter-productive.
Attacks by unmanned US aircraft are deeply unpopular in Pakistan, which says they violate its sovereignty and fan anti-US sentiment, but American officials are said to believe the attacks are too important to give up.

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  1. useless said:

    useless statements and protests wont work do something practical.

  2. nayyar51 said:

    The repeated drone attacks by US over Pakistan, at least confirms one thing, that drone attacks are being launched with tacit approval of GOP; and all the protests and condemnation statements issued by GOP, against drone attacks are just for the public consumption of Pakistani people and an eye wash, to hood wink the masses. This is all pseudo hullabaloo.

  3. Kyle Gordy said:

    Obama, performing his stand up routine, inadvertently brings the horrors of drone warfare home. Check out the chilling animation, COLLATERAL DAMAGE, at earthens.net

  4. Pakistani said:


  5. zardaritohell said:

    This is what happens when you are NOT an independent nation. When you beg, you get slapped around also and you just accept it as part of the role. Kiayani is a shameless creature.

  6. ali said:

    Pakistan is a cursed nation. The azab of Allah is upon us in the form of Zaradari and Kiyani. IA Khalifat is coming soon.

  7. ali said:

    A slap on the face of 180 million, nuclear armed Islamic republic of NAPAKISTAN.

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