Pakistanis know how to defend their country: PM Ashraf


Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf said that Pakistanis knew how to defend every inch of their country. The remarks came in the wake of the nation facing a fresh spate of terror attacks with the latest assault taking place at a key airforce base. “There is no need of any despondency. No nation is more brave, tolerant, courageous than Pakistanis.
Each member of the brave Pakistani nation knows how to defend every inch of their country and sacrifice their lives for this purpose,” PM Ashraf said while addressing a public meeting in his hometown Gujjar Khan in Punjab. He said: “No power in the world can frighten us, as we are brave people and know how to defend our soil and its integrity. This is also evident from the past.” He referred to the terror attack at the airbase in Kamra and paid tribute to the country’s brave soldiers for eliminating the terrorists.


  1. These sort of statements from someone like prime minister only shows how far behind the 'political mafia' is from the realities of Pakistan. These people live behind castle walls, no load shhedding for them, they tax common man through high prices of fuel and everything else to pay their high standard of living.

    PM Raja know:
    -how many people are killed every day in Karachi
    -how many shias are targeted everyday
    -how many of tribal people die in drone attacks
    -how many tribal people are killed by our own army

    I can tell PM Raja and next Prime minister of pakistan after elections how to defend this country:

    -stop the war in wazeristan and in tribal areas, and withdraw all army from there. Start educational programs in these areas and job creation and development of the FATA area.

    -Make the police non-political across pakistan.

    -Give people justice and protect week and minority.

    -Spend as much GDP on education as we do on army.

    Pakistan zindabad

  2. Raja Jee come out from dreamland and give up telling a lie.How we are brave,in 1971 East Pakistan was snached and created another country.We are brave and killing only our un-armed brothers and sisters and make them it the token of braveness,then AISI MOHABAT SE HUM BAAZ AAI JO INSAN KO INSAN SE QATAL KARWAI,MARWAI AND MORE BAD DEEDS WILL BE EXPECTED FROM OUR BRAVENESS.FOR ALLAH`S SAKE RAJA SAHEB DO NOT MISLEAD,MISGUIDE THE MUSLIMS BY YOUR FAKED ADDRESSES .iS IT YOUR iSLAMIC GOVERNMENT FIRST LOOK YOUR BEHAVIOUR AND CONDUCTS OF YOUR PARTY,THEN YOU TALK ABOUT ISLAM`S TEACHINGS.

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