Islamabad depicts a deserted look ahead of Eidul Fitr


Islamabad gave a totally deserted look on Sunday as an overwhelming majority of its residents left for their native towns after the announcement of three Eid holidays by the government. Most of the population of Islamabad consists of people belonging to different parts of the country and come here in search of jobs, businesses and education. Twice a year they leave the city for their villages to celebrate Eid with their families.
The main markets, public places and major markets including the blue area were totally closed on Sunday as people working there went home for Eid.
Contrary to the huge crowd of the past few days at the bus stands and railway station, there were very few people seen waiting for public transport which had also suddenly disappeared from the roads.
The desertion of the capital city before Eid is not a new sight as it happens on both Eids every year. As a result, the people who are left behind and who mostly do petty jobs to earn their buck have been finding it difficult to get eatables because all the eateries have been closed down.
The public transport plying between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi was very limited as many people had hired most vehicles to leave for their native towns and the number of people coming to Islamabad for jobs was limited. Only those working for the essential services were seen around Islamabad.
Meanwhile, security arrangements in the capital were placed at high alert. Police pickets were added on all entry and exit points of the city, as well as on the main roads of the capital. Patrolling police mobiles have been the most visible vehicles on main city roads in the last few days.