Pakistan rejects Indian blame for exodus of migrant workers


Pakistan has rejected Indian charges that any person from the country posted threatening messages on the Internet that triggered a mass exodus from Bangalore and Mumbai by migrants fleeing to their homes in the northeast.
“Our agencies have discovered that bulk of these messages have been uploaded on various websites in Pakistan,” Home Secretary RK Singh told reporters on Saturday. “This is a first of its kind and we believe that it is highly reprehensible.”
The exodus was sparked by threats sent via mobile phones and the Internet that people from northeastern Assam state would be attacked by Muslims after the end of the holy month of Ramadan in reprisal for recent ethnic violence.
Local media reports estimated that over 35,000 people have fled the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai in recent days.
Extra trains were arranged to accommodate panicked students and workers.
Three weeks of clashes in remote Assam between members of the Bodo tribal community and Muslims have claimed at least 80 lives and displaced more than 400,000 people.
Singh said India would register a formal protest with Pakistan.
“We will raise this issue with Pakistan… I am certain that they will deny out of hand but our technical people are definite,” he said.
India has banned bulk text messages temporarily to try to halt the spread of threats and incendiary rumours. Police in southern city of Bangalore have also arrested three people for spreading images and video clips across India.
The images of atrocities allegedly on Muslims sparked tension and people hailing from the northeast were attacked in western and southern cities.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said those who were fanning the rumours should be punished, saying “communal harmony” was at stake.
Responding to Indian allegations Foreign Office spokesman Moazzam Khan said New Delhi needed to prove that people from Pakistan were responsible for fanning the exodus, and that the Indian authorities should act responsibly on issues of a sensitive nature.


  1. Pakistan is involve or not this is another issue but how someone in Pakistan come to know North East people mobile number? Why not other than NE people received any SMS or MMS. Manmohan Singh government diverting attention form real culprit in India who provided the mobile number of NE people by putting Pakistan name. Instead of searching someone in Pakistan search the Indians first.

    • U stupid Moron, you need not to know the phone numbers of particular people ..a ll you need is to upload the morphed images to certain websites, which was done from Pakistan based IP addresses.

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  2. Which country separated Bangladesh from Pakistan and why? Why did that country interfere in internal matters of Pakistan?

    • If it were an internal matter than you would have been one country today…it was never an internal matter. What created Bangladesh was Pakistan;s meanspiritedness and wretchedness, not an interference in its internal affairs.
      YOu violent terrorists can only destroy, you can not make countries.

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