A talk with Tusshar


Tusshar Kapoor on relationship rules, his equation with Ekta and why adult content sells in Bollywood
Do you attribute your success to your sister Ekta? No! Not at all! Ekta has given me good scripts, but I am better known for Golmaal. The Dirty Picture was Vidya’s film. If Ekta took me in Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai or Shor in the City, that’s because the directors wanted me in those films. Ekta got her first hit with me. My success is mine and I won’t attribute it to anyone else!
Post Golmaal do you feel you are getting typecast? If Akshay (Kumar) and Govinda could make their careers out of comedy, then I don’t mind being typecast either. If these superstars have carved a niche for themselves in comedy genre, then why can’t I do the same?
Do you feel adult content is helping sell Bollywood films? A film needs a good script. You can’t make a film sell with some random adult content. Having said that, the masses comprise a huge chunk of youngsters between 18 and 20 who share such content everyday via mobile phones and internet. No wonder adult category Hindi films open really well.
Your spoof on John Abraham’s swimming trunk scene from Dostana, had innumerable jokes in virtual space about how Tusshar Kapoor showed off his butt because he can’t act either!
I am glad we succeeded in creating the initial hype that the film required! After doing 25 films in B-Town, I don’t think I have to prove myself as an actor. Whenever I do a film, the BO collections do the talking. I don’t get affected about people talking good, bad or ugly things about me!
Is marriage on the pipeline?
My parents are keen to see me married. But that doesn’t mean I am worrying about it. One doesn’t have to panic when one’s single and in one’s 30s. I want to get married and have kids, but I need to have strong relationship with a girl first. Frankly, I don’t know what goes wrong with my relationships. Sometimes they just fizzle out on their own. May be I have trust issues. I would like a girl who I can trust unconditionally. I feel it is cheesy to talk about my relationship in public and those who do it, just do it for publicity. Love will happen when it does.