CCP protests against Shia killings in Kohistan


Concerned Citizens Society of Pakistan (CCP) on Friday condemned targeted killings of Shia passengers aboard a bus and held a protest at Liberty Chowk against the tragedy. In a statement, CCP said that these attacks cause harm to national assets and the solidarity of Pakistan. Furthermore, CCP called for the government to apprehend the culprits responsible for the attacks and to provide justice. CCP also extended condolences to the bereaved families.
CCP said that the attack on the Kamra airbase could have been avoided if the authorities had paid heed to warning signs, and added that the Shia killings were also a massive security failure, the blame of which can only be placed on selfish leaders and bureaucrats, who use large security escorts for their own protection and leave the citizens at the mercy of terrorists.
Furthermore, CCP said that setting up Inquiry Commissions after such occurrences can only prove beneficial if their findings are made public within one week and remedial steps are taken immediately. CCP said that the public is still awaiting the reports of Abbottabad commission, Mehran Base attack commission and many other such inquiries.
CCP said that on the occasion of Eid, every citizen is entitled to peaceful celebrations and urged the leadership to stand together so that safety of the citizens can be ensured.