Katrina upset with media


Katrina is upset. Her stomach, on the other hand, is not! So what if this Kat barely scratches, a recent rumour that has brought out her claws! Seems she was shocked to read about her cancelling a promotional event of her film as she was down with food-poisoning. When called to ask about her health, the actress stated, “Firstly, I’m fine. The reports were completely wrong. No one bothered to check with my managers, who are always reachable. I caught a minor cold, and had to skip one promotional event, but it had nothing to do with the food I ate at Mohd. Ali Road. It’s extremely unfortunate that such things get published.I request the media to gather enough information before writing a story. It’s unfair to the producers who are going all out to promote the film, and especially to the eatery where the owners laid out the red carpet and served delicious food.” Asked about her street-side-spree, Kat was all praise for the food. “We go there every year, it’s quite lively and the crowd is civil. I’m not scared to go out in public places, especially during Ramzan. And the food is worth it! The local cops also supported us, and it was a cool experience. I’m definitely going there with my friends again.”