Gilani to Ashraf: Ignore SC’s illegal orders


Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said there was no need of elections as judges of the country wanted to govern it. Talking to reporters, he said, “We have fought all dictators and were always successful, but today the judiciary has become a dictator.” Gilani said if all the decisions to be taken by prime minister were taken by judges, “then elections will be a mere drama because it is the judiciary which will choose the prime minister according to its own will”. “I will surely go for a protest at all levels against the judicial oppression in the country,” he said, adding that Pakistan would never become stable if Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf was sacked.
“If Raja Pervez Ashraf asks me for advice, I will tell him to reject the court orders.” Gilani said a third force had always been blamed for derailing democracy in the country, but now the judiciary had become that third force by using the constitution in an unconstitutional manner. “The judiciary has become the third force for which the army was blamed in the past, and today they want a controlled democracy, as the institution has been politicized with clear and determined political intentions.” Gilani said the judiciary had declared itself the custodian of sovereignty of the country. He added that the economic instability in the country was also due to the environment created by the judges. “They have frightened away people from investing in Pakistan and you can see no one is eager any more. They [judges] have direct interference in every affair of the government.”


  1. The first thing in recovery is to accept your faults. Gillani is still in denial. He has a hard time accepting the fact that he was a total failure as PM and if it wasn't for his daughter sleeping with zardari, he would never have gotten the jobin the first place. PPP wants to blame everyone and everything else for its failures. They think that appointing criminals and high school drop outs in top positions is ok but they fail to see what is has done to the country. If it wasn't for a dead B*I*T*C*H called BB, they would never have won the elections. I hope she is enjoying her new residence in hell. I also hope Gillani joins her soon.

  2. what a sound advice from a convicted criminal -ignore law & order -what a criminal family he has managed to lead =and he was the Prime Minister of Pakistan !

  3. Former PM Gilani is completely at fault. It is because of the Judiciary that we are sustaining democracy, otherwise the PPP Govt has created all changes for a martial law in the country. There is no fight between democratic forces and Judiciary. They are going side by side. Gilani's rule will be known as the most corrupt period in the history of Pakistan after PM Shaukat Azia. Gilani should be shameful of speaking ills about the Judiciry and leading the country toward anarchy. Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik – Islamabad.

  4. PT please create a section in your paper which includes all news about political clowns or related to various comical spheres of our society.Yousaf Gillani will always be there.

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