Does education has system in Pakistan?


Education is the most constructive factor for any society as it opens new horizons for the people to perceive things in different dimensions. A nation cannot properly understand national aims and goals, if the majority of people remain uneducated. They cannot understand the value of unity and discipline in life and remain unaware of the latest advancements. Education improves human, Physical and other resources which further improve the factors of production. So, it is important to set a proper system for education.

Education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, whereas the federal government mostly assists in the education, accreditation and finances for research. The article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan obligates that State will provide free and compulsory quality education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such a manner as determined by law.
Education system is the most important need and top priority in a country but the quality of education has a declining trend in Pakistan. Pakistan’s progress in improving its human development indicators has been uneven. Poor education and weak accountability systems spoil the precious public money and hamper the way of effective education.

Pakistan’s education system remains failed in educating the common people. Lack of management, poor polices and bad planning are the causes while corruption also plays its role in destroying the education system.
We must have changed our education system and syllabus after 1947 as Singapore, India and Malaysia have done. Pakistan’s overall literacy rate is almost 55% which is very poor. We are far behind than other countries; even, in subcontinent, we have lowest literacy rate. Insufficient funds and poor allocation of funds in the budget for education are also major hindrances in the growth of education sector.

Pakistan is one of the eight countries in the whole world that spend less than 2% of GDP on education. Pakistan has lots of educational institutions but the problem is that all of them are not well-groomed and cannot compete with today’s educational requirements. If some private institutions provide quality education, they are out of common public’s reach.

In my point of view, the most awful thing in our education system is the division of Education in different levels. There is a major difference between private and public education. Even after 66 years of independence, we do not have a syllabus for all. There are English, Urdu and Religious divisions which create confusion and chaos in the society.

So, there must be equal education for all so that there might not be any difference between rich and poor. Pakistan needs to impose emergency in education sector through right policies and proper planning otherwise Pakistan’s survival is in danger. If Pakistan wants to grow, it needs major reforms in education system.


  1. it is true, chose a very vital topic n very good analysis, the most important point is one syllabus for all and it is very sad allocation of budget on education is so poor.
    anyhow it is a good article.

  2. Equal education would be resolve the conflict of rich and poor people. It is also the major problem that we have facing in the society, anyhow it is very difficult thing to apply but sensible & credible authorities can be resolve that important issue.
    Arslan your 1st article and on education system which is very vital topic and u did it very well keep it up….

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