Pakistan Zindabad?


Pakistan Zindabad! As 14 August approaches I hear more of these “so called” patriotic slogans being chanted by the “so called” enthusiastic Pakistanis. Many who have read my first line might be doubting my patriotism. But I believe that before I can call myself a true Pakistani, I shall do something for a better and progressive Pakistan and that I should prove my patriotism with actions, not words. When I achieve what I believe I will be a proud Pakistani.
Pakistan since it birth has been a beleaguered state. There have been only a few moments in history to be cherished and that one can be proud of. We Pakistanis have always demanded other Pakistanis to take the lead and make the nation proud rather one himself rises and steps forward.
But the demographics of Pakistan are now changing. Pakistan with the passing of each day is becoming younger and it would be better if its future direction is more youth-oriented. A large chunk of Pakistan’s population compromises of the youth which is a healthy sign but the youth is not mature and still needs to be polished and passed through different phases to be called “responsible”. So they can look after their country. The youth, sadly, is lost!
The youth is being fed on populist slogan. They are out in rallies but not studying and getting expertise in their respective fields. They chant slogan for change and yet are unaware that they are being played by the man showing them these dreams.
But I am optimistic that things will change and we shall as a nation rise. We just need to develop the national feeling which is lost but certainly is there. We need to prioritize what is in better interest of Pakistan and how can “we” contribute for the betterment. In the end I appeal to the youth of Pakistan that it is high time for you to organize for real change then we all shall say Pakistan Zindabad!


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