NRO implementation: SC rejects AG’s request for larger bench


The Supreme Court (SC) heard the review petition filed by the federal government against the apex court’s ruling delivered on July 12 in NRO implementation case.
The proceedings opened with the Attorney General of Pakistan Irfan Qadir’s objection over the bench. The court rejected AG’s request for a larger bench, according to a private TV channel.
Heading the bench, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said four out of five judges of the bench are present with Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani included in the bench as Justice Aijaz is currently in Aitekaaf.
It should be mentioned that the federal government on August 08 (Wednesday) filed two separate review petitions in the Supreme Court against its July 12 ruling in the NRO implementation case and annulment of the Contempt of Court Act 2012.
In its ruling of July 12, the apex court had ordered Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to write letter to the Swiss authorities for reopening graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari without seeking any advice.
On August 3, the court struck down new Contempt of Court Act 2012 that sought to exempt members of the Parliament from contempt of court trials.


  1. this is a biased judiciary,we dont believe in it and we already know the decision which will come out.shame on them,they are working on an agenda.

    • @shahid and imran anwar,you 2 B*I*T*C*H*E*S are a big part of the reason why Pakistan is where its at,its because of the views of idiots like you 2 and your voting choices why Pakistan is suffering.What do you expect from SC??? really, they are working on an agenda ??? REALLY ??? What about PPP by passing the Laws that only protect the handful,shame on them??? shame on you and the government you morons.

  2. Orders of the Court are the orders of the court; one should comply with to upheld the supremacy of Law by all means to strengthen the superior institution of Pakistan.

  3. Zardari supporters are loyalist and I seek no debate with such people; I consider them mafia. There is picture circulating on facekbook and twitter about a PPP loyalist who is bowing down in front of Benazir bhutto. Seriously, these are the people who support him. As a Muslim I'll only bow ONLY in front of Allah and none other Insha Allah!
    PM character world knows how it is and therefore Supreme court is still being lenient on him because all they seek is for him to write the damn letter for Allah's sake!
    PPP commits crime and says Supreme Court is bias. This audacity is because PPP is Power that's it.
    Supreme court is the only institution that is showing how corrupt these government is.
    Write the letter or face the consequence. If a child doesn't listen and blames parent; it doesn't mean Parent is being bias. Child should follow Parents advise or face their consequence for not implementing.
    Its common sense which is not so common in PPP government.

  4. NRO was not approved by the National Assembly and put on SC to decide. Once decided, now problem with SC?
    An illegal letter was written to Swiss court, what is the harm to say this to Swiss court that the letter was illegal?
    Before: Zardari Sub Peh Bhari
    Now: Zardari Pakistan Peh Bhari
    Why for one person, whole country is put in fire?

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