Nitrogenous compounds high on govt agenda


The government plans to import 0.547 million tons of Urea and Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) to meet fertilizer demand during Kharif crop season.
Of the total, 0.190 million tons of Urea and 0.407 million ton of DAP is being imported. Giving break up, an official source on Tuesday said Urea demand of the country for Kharif 2012 as determined in consultation with all stakeholders has been 3 million tons and supply position includes opening inventory 0.800 million tons, domestic production 2.29 million tons and the remaining needs would be met through import of 0.407 million tons. The total target is 3.497 million tons. He said this will result in an expected ending inventory of Urea equal to 0.497 million tons which shows that Urea availability situation in the country is satisfactory for Kharif 2012. The imports of 0.3 million tons had been approved by ECC to cater for unforeseen gas cuts and consequent shortages. Regarding DAP requirement, the official said it is estimated to be 0.536 million tons for Kharif 2012 which is to be met as: opening inventory 0.177 million tons, domestic production 0.357 million tons and imports 0.19 million tons. The total DAP target is 0.724 million tons for this year. He said DAP imports are undertaken by private sector which are being conducted smoothly according to the requirements of the country. It is expected that there would be a surplus of 0.187 million tons at the end of Kharif 2012 season.