Kashmiris release black balloons to mark Aug 15 as Black Day


Kashmiris and their supporters released hundreds of “black balloons” on Wednesday to mark the black day on the Indian National Day.
The exceptional procession titled “Peace with Justice in Kashmir” started from Place Schumann on bicycles and with Black Balloons in front of EU Council & EU commission buildings and ended at Place Luxembourg in front of European Parliament where hundreds of black balloon were released to mark the black day.
The participants held placards inscribed with slogans of Peace for all, peace for Kashmir, stop human rights violation in Kashmir, Kashmir needs help, we want freedom and free Kashmir with the black balloons at the event.
Speaking at the occasion, Kashmir Council EU Chairman Ali Raza Syed said that holding black day by the Kashmiris on the Indian Independence day showed that Kashmiris could not accept occupation of our land by the Indian authorities for a long time.
He condemned the continuous killing of the Kashmiris by the Indian forces in the held Kashmir and termed the killings as barbaric.
He urged international human rights organisations to pressurise India to stop the reign of terror unleashed by Indian troops in the occupied territory and redeem the right of self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, he asserted.
A large number of Kashmiris expatriates and their sympathisers were assembled on the occasion. Volunteers of the Kashmir Council EU also collected signatures in connection with “One Million Signature Campaign’ during the event.


  1. 65 years after 1947, Kashmiri as yet couldn't cast a free vote for a future they'd wish for themselves and are told to accept voting within the national frameworks of India and Pakistan, next to a daily context of militairy green instead of green nature. Hope & wish future will become bright and colourful soon

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