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Plight of employed women in Swat after dislodging of Taliban

Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has said we have taken over the area of Swat after successful military operation in Malakand division and people are taking keen interest in getting back to the normal routine, also there is something in the air which is likely to be turning into another military operation in South Waziristan and the FATA to clear the areas from militants.
In the light of PM’s statement, it seems that peace is prevailing all over the area. But the reality is quite different on ground. People are still living their lives under the threats and fears from Taliban. People who had left their homes, businesses, jobs and relatives were still reluctant to go back and the survivors of Swat do not even trust on the current statements by the resource persons of the government.
Razia, a 28-year-old school teacher does not want to go back to join her work. Razia has been teaching for 10 years in a girl’s school in Swat. One day, she was threatened by Taliban while going to school, and was told “Do not dare to step out from your home”. Razia said that she was trembling with fear and had left the school. Despite the fact that people are returning to their routines but fear in her heart still lurks.
Muhammed Jameel, husband of Razia has told that I can feel her fear & hence does not want to put her back in the danger. “If she is reluctant then I should not force her to join the job” he further added.
Like Razia there are hundreds of working women in Swat who do not want to go back to their jobs. So many women have been working in cosmetics factories in Swat but after being threatened by Taliban and being punished, they even do not dare to go out from their homes.
Shah Bano, a 22-year working woman in a cosmetic factory said that she wanted to live her life without covering her head with veil but the fear of Taliban did not allow her to enjoy her basic right of freedom and felt fear to go out even with veiling her face.
There are so many other stories like these two women but the question is what kind of safety measures are taken for the protection of working women and for their rights? What types of steps have been taken by the government for the peaceful environment in order to encourage women to get back to their schools, colleges, businesses etc?

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