Kayani calls for new laws to tackle terrorism


Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has called for formulating news laws to deal with the menace of terrorism and said the entire world had formed new laws to punish the terrorists.
Addressing the gathering at ‘Azadi Parade’, he said the war against extremism and terrorism did not belong to the army only, but it was war of the entire nation. “It is imperative that the entire nation is united and the army could only be successful with the cooperation of people,” he added.
General Kayani said until now army and people had rendered great sacrifices at this front for which he paid great homage to martyrs, and their families.
He opined that these sacrifices would only be successful when civil administration would be able to take responsibilities without help of armed forces, adding it would take some time but it should be the ultimate goal. The COAS said it was imperative to improve situation in affected areas. The army along with the government had so far completed economic and welfare projects worth Rs 25 billion.
It would also spend as much amount for completion of more projects in the next two years. General Kayani said he realized that it was the most difficult task for an army to fight its own people, but it was done as a last resort. “Our actual objective is that peace returns in these areas and people can live there with peace.
But it is necessary that all the people follow the constitution of the country and its laws,” he added.
He said no state could tolerate a parallel system and military force, and peace could only be ensured by following the principles of Islam and constitution of the country.
He said peace should be given a chance and any wise person would not differ from it. Kayani said the people were aware of present deteriorating economic situation, corruption, decreasing civic facilities and other problems.
He said it was the biggest challenge to protect national solidarity and unity. General Kayani said, “We are proud of being Muslims and our history. We know that Islam gives a message of respecting humanity instead of terrorism.”
Kayani said the country was passing through a critical phase, adding that religious intolerance, political turmoil, and anarchy were major threats.
“We can say that we are not responsible for these problems but it is not a solution of this problem. It is very important that we should understand terms extremism and terrorism as any mistake to understand these terms could divide the entire nation,” Kayani said.
He added Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and no one could withdraw Islam from Pakistan.
“The two are part and
parcel. Any person who considers his opinion as most important is an extremist as human wisdom is limited and faulty and no one could give error-free judgment.”


  1. General Kayani has spoken an axiomatic truth. He has not spoken in general terms but on the specifics of a terrorist infested society.
    Our terrain, culture, attitudes, economics are different from another country, so the terrorists cannot be taken lightly and brushed off by saying the law exists. Ask a soldier the difference between shooting at an unarmed crow flying past and a crow armed with a sub-machine gun. Salams

  2. Elimination of terrorism and extremism through power is not viable solution.Yahaya khan and his team used same tacts to press Bangali masses but what were the Consequencs, everything is crystal clear. Plz. dont follow the commandments of else ones just keep your eyes on the wishes of Pakistani people and dont use ur force against own people.

  3. What is the Percentage of Sindhi and Baluchi Youth in Pakistan Navy. The Southern border lies on the entire coast of Sind and Baluchistan. The province of Sind is Highest Tax paying to the Federal Government. The share of Sindhi and Baluchi youth must be more than Fifty Percent in Pakistan Navy. Happy Independence Day, My Pakistan. Paindabad Pakistan.

  4. " Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and no one could withdraw Islam from Pakistan."

    Only is name. Have you actually read the Quran. Allah commands us to implement his laws and do not side with non-believers against your own brothers. General sahib, let me ask you, you attack your own country men on a daily basis but when foreign forces attack us, our armed forces are silent. Is this what Islam teaches us ?

  5. He is from the traitor brass within Army who are installed by Anglo-British from the day Pakistan was born. All those sincere people who wanted to work for Pakistan as a Islamic nation were murdered by this traitor breed of Army.

    This traitor and other traitors like him are the real Enemy of people of Pakistan

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