Forced marriages, insecurity biggest threats to Hindus


The chairman of the committee formed by President Asif Ali Zardari to allay the grievances of the Hindu community, Maula Bukhsh Chandio on Monday said security and forced marriages were the biggest threats being faced by the Hindu community.
Hindus informed the committee that if the PPP failed to solve their problems, they would vote for the MQM in the next elections, sources close to the Hindu representatives, who met the committee, said. According to Chandio, the issue was not as large as being portrayed in the media. However, he did acknowledge that Hindus suffered from a sense of deprivation.
Chandio said 7,000 Pakistanis had visited Indian in 2011and many did not return, adding, “Reports of Hindus not being protected are negative for the image of the country.”
Persecution of Hindus in Pakistan figures in Indian parliament : Persecution of Hindus in Pakistan resonated in Lok Sabha on Monday with members voicing concern and asking the government to immediately take up the matter with Islamabad and summon its envoy to convey condemnation.
Members of BJP, BJD and SP referred to instances of growing violence and harassment of minorities in Pakistan and demanded parliament adopt a resolution condemning it, reported PTI.
The concern was voiced in the House in the wake of around 150 Hindus crossing over to India from Pakistan via the Attari border on Sunday after alleged harassment in Sindh.
Raising the issue during Zero Hour, BJP leader Rajnath Singh said minorities, particularly Hindus and Sikhs, were feeling insecure in Pakistan. He said some 20 Hindu and Sikh families had fled to India and sought Indian citizenship in view of the persecution. Singh said around 250 Pakistani pilgrims, who came to India, were asked to give an undertaking by Pakistani authorities that they would not utter a word in India about their plight.
The BJP leader referred to the live TV coverage of the conversion of a Hindu youth and kidnapping and conversion of a young girl and said leaders of the community in Pakistan had written to the Indian High Commission and the US embassy in Islamabad seeking protection.
SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav demanded a discussion on the matter in parliament so that “there is no reaction to such incidents in India” and said this was “not a religious but a humanitarian issue”. Yadav wanted the government to urgently summon the Pakistani high commissioner here and convey India’s condemnation of such inhuman acts.


  1. Mr. Chandio, it is not only the Hindus are being persecuted. What about the rest of the people who are assaulted and raped every single day and subjected to miserable and sub human living conditions.Even muslim cant practice their religion without the fear of terrorism (thanks to Rehman MaliK). Not only Hindus but also the rest of population would want to leave the country. Who wants to live is failed state. This is well planned strategy of PPP government and its allies to force people out of country. Just remembe what the Drug Lord Gilani said in an interview " Why dont they leave, WHO IS STOPPING THEM" Now why are you stopping Hindus. They are fulfilling the desire these ruling Crooks

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