Now get Ascend P1!


Link Communication Chairman Shaukat Hyat Pracha has said that Ascend P1 received tremendous response from general public in common and youngsters in particulate.
Taking to newsmen, he said that Huawei, the second largest telecom company of world, has recently launched Ascend P1 in Pakistan. The Huawei annual turnover is more than 32.2 billion dollars and it providing solutions to all the telecom companies in Pakistan. The company is providing services in 140 countries of the world. He said Huawei aims are to establish China’s cell phone brand in Pakistan through the launch of Ascend P1.
He expressed hope that smart phone Ascend P1 will soon get huge market share in Pakistan He said that Ascend P1as has duel core, 1.5 GHz,TI OMAP, 4460 cortex A9 processor etc.
Moazzam Pracha said Huawei claims the P1 is the world’s thinnest phones. What is even more staggering to the buyer is its price in Pakistan compared to almost every other smart phone with similar features.
He said once you get hold of this smart phone, you will certainly feel the sense of power and performance in your hand. Unlike what most of the critics were saying about this phone, it delivers staggering performance, modern user interface, top of the line features and all packed in a durable body. Overall, a wise and well equipped move from China in consumer’s pockets. Moazzam Pracha said that the design of this smart phone is simple yet astonishing. A big Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen on the face and a smooth back in a wide body gives you easy handling of this phone.
The video quality is great rendering HD quality video streaming and captured images. With its 4.3 inches screen glazed up to perform, you are going to love watch your videos on it. Huawei made sure that there is nothing left in the body design that would give it a negative impact.