India stopping water of Pakistan Rivers: Fazlur Rehman


Chairman of Special Committee of the Parliament on Kashmir Maulana Fazlur Rahman has said that India was stopping water of the rivers flowing to Pakistan from the Indian Occupied Kashmir causing water shortage in Pakistan. India should not stop water of these rivers, he said.
The Chairman Kashmir Committee observed that under the Indus Water Treaty; Chenab, Jehlum and Indus rivers were allocated to Pakistan. However India has built many dams on them that has caused severe shortage of water in Pakistan damaging its economy, especially agriculture. Now India has started building dams on the tributaries of these rivers as well, which will further stop water flowing towards Pakistan and will further damage our economy”, he said.
He added that India produced electricity in the occupied Kashmir but the poor Kashmiris were not getting this facility.
Rahman said that every next day Indian leaders issue statements of friendship towards Pakistan just to show to the world that India cherished noble sentiments for its neighbours; otherwise India did not slip any opportunity to hit Pakistan.
“It has not resolved the Kashmir issue for the last 65 years and now India is out to destroy Pakistan’s economy, stopping its water by building dams on the rivers, flowing from the occupied Kashmir”, he said.
He said if India strangled our economy, we won’t throw flowers in reaction. Thus, such conduct on the part of India would be harmful for peace in the sub-continent. Therefore, instead of just issuing statements of friendship with Pakistan, India should undertake practical measures to that effect”, he said.


  1. Haram Khore Maulana Diesel needs to shut up because we do not care what he thinks or says. He lacks sanity and we have more knowledgeable and competent people taking care of this issue

  2. @Baber

    Why do we want to fight a war with India we cannot win? We already have lost 4 wars to them. Enough now.

    • @ Iqbal Shakeel

      Shakeel bhai, Your politicians should focus on improvement of your nation and resolving internal conflicts rather than war with India.
      War brings damage and slow down economy to both nation (India & Pakistan)
      thank you
      From India

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