Turk visit to Burma


The visit of Turkish delegation to the affected areas of Myanmar consisting Turkish Foreign Minister (FM) Ahmet Davutoglu along with Emine Erdogan, wife of Turkish Premier, to console the surviving Muslims within the Rakhine area on Friday has brought a wave of excitement among the emotional Pakistani Muslims.
The Muslims there have expressed contentment over the visit of Turkish officials to Burma stating, “The people of Turkey have come forward to aid the innocent Muslims of Burma who are facing worst conditions in their own country. The wife of Turk Prime Minister starts weeping after seeing the dreadful conditions of Burmese Muslims. We appreciate the courage of Turk govt and hope they will continue their leading role to support Burmese Muslims.”
One must give a judgmental thought to such a deception that instead of sending armies to Burma, so called Muslim rulers of the Muslim states send their women to console the deaths of Muslims.
Instead of mobilizing armies and giving stern warning to brutal regime of Burma for any such act in the future they are handing the victims the box of food which will not last even a week and then will be left over there again in the hand of the same butchers.
Neither the government of Pakistan nor any so called Islamic government looked serious about this issue from the very first day. If they had been serious for the Muslims, they would have taken necessary measures without any delay and not after thousands of Muslims became victims of terrorist Buddhist monks.


  1. muslim countries dont have a strong navy to send to bay of bangel to message myanmar. …. worst still…bangladesh is on myanmar side… how can you expect to invAde myanmar…the most u can do is to impose sanction which myanmar will just laugh because myanmar diesnt have any trading with any of muslim countries…except malaysia….n malaysia invested billions in myanmar so darent go against…myanmar gov survived whole world’ sanction….IOC sanction wont be able to shake myan gov for single inch instead your bros bangalis in northern arakan will be died of starvatio.

  2. It has nothing to do with Buddhist monks, that has just propagation. I request you not to use the word of "Buddhist monks".

  3. abhi waqt h jitna katna h qat lo jb hukumat hamari ayegi jb hm tmhe batayenge kate kaise hai

  4. Duniya k kutto kar lo zulam waqat aye ga to pata chal jaye ga k allah k mujahid kya hote hain .allah sari dunyia k muslmanoo ko mujahid banaye aamin

  5. Why should not Muslim rulers first send their armies to Syria. More Muslims have been butchered by an Islamic regime in an Islamic country than the collective death toll of Muslims killed by Israel in Palestine.

    • Well said but let us put our house in order first. We are not exactly angels. Are we?
      Fear stalks the steets of Pakistan everywhere.

  6. ALLAH tamam musalmano men sachy eman ki roshni bhar dy aur ham sb un logo k khilaaf uth kharey hon jo ALLAH aur usk RASOOL k khilaaf hen aur kuffar ko moonh torr jawab den unk zulm ka………..(AAMEEN)

  7. we have the largest population in the world n we have many islamic contrys why they r not attacking on barma

  8. I kindly request from muslims countries to save burma muslims as soon as possible.. Cz, they are our bloods.. Lot of non muslims are thinking that muslims are minority in the world.. No never we are with allah.. Propet mohammed(sal) won the badur war with 300 muslim against 1000 yahudies.. So, our strength and good hebits will be their weakness.. Therefore we should show our strength to them.. Dnt say anyone that w ar minority..

  9. the innocent Muslims of Burma ????? Don't you know how aggressive they are, and destroyed natives houses. Here we go again Bangladesh is 1/3 of Myanmar, and Myanmar has 60 millions population while Bangladesh has 170 millions. Think, who try to steal whose land.

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