PSO depot near Port Qasim


I want to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards a very important matter that should be dealt with immediately because thousands of people suffer from the issue on daily basis and their lives are on risk.
Pakistan State Oil’s depot is situated near Port Qasim on National Highway where we can find hundreds of oil tankers, either waiting for their turn or just staying there and causing problems for public and private transport.
The point to be raised here is that there is a large empty area of land along with the PSO’s depot which the PSO’s authorities could use but unfortunately, the oil tankers keep standing on both sides of the National Highway due to which thousands of people that travel daily on National Highway for their jobs, universities or any other purposes, face a difficult situation as they are daily stuck in traffic jam.
The drivers of these tankers are usually moving their tankers forward or backward for a better spot along the highway. They don’t see whether a car, a bike or a bus is coming. I demand of the government and concerned authorities to set up a better place or utilize the land along with the depot so that people’s lives can be saved from any mishap.


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