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Government focusing on generating power through coal: Mukhtar

Minister for Water and Power Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar on Saturday said the government was focusing on power generation through coal in order to overcome the ongoing energy crisis in the country.
Briefing media after a meeting of special Committee of Council of Common Interests (CCI)‚ he said the government was making all out efforts to resolve the electricity crisis.
Commenting on the importance of power generation through coal‚ he said as many as eight major countries of the world were using coal to produce electricity.
The minister said the government would check electricity theft with the help of the media, adding that it was proposed in the meeting to establish separate police stations for apprehending electricity thieves.
Mukhtar said the meeting also discussed measures for recovery of electricity dues and payment of circular debt to power producing companies.
Talking about the complaints of Punjab over disparity in load shedding, the minister said it was an incorrect notion, as the reality was that the Punjab province utilized more electricity than the other, therefore, and it apparently had been facing more load shedding.

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  1. M K Sial said:

    More than 50 per cent electricity through out world being generated from coal but in Pakistan corrupt and notorious WAPDA, bureaucrats belonging to Punjab and also working in Planning Commission of Pakistan are hatching conspiracy to make the Thar coal fail. They are real enemies of Pakistan and not Thar coal or Sindh and as such they should be dealt with accordingly.

  2. Tashfeen Qayyum said:

    Why not use nuclear energy that is used world wide. Coal is old technology and our coal is not suitable, need to look at the pollution factor also.

  3. HamidDhyal said:

    Nawaz Sharif created this loadshedding 15 yrs ago by cancelling Benazir govt initiated power projects worth 5000MW and declared Pakistan has enough energy and does not need more. He also cancelled 5000MW TharCoalPower project which was signed with a HONGKONG based company "POWER ASIA" during Benazir govt. As a result foreign investors lost confidence and foreign investment reduced to 0% from 1998-2002 period. Only after 9/11 foreign investment started in Pakistan.

  4. Tashfeen Masood Qayy said:

    waking up after5 years? punks… what were they doing for 5 years other than making money out of IPPs

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