Did the cheating scandal help Kristen Stewart’s career?


Out of the many jokes that circulated on the net, post the Twipocalypse (i.e. the whole Kristen cheating on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White And The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, fiasco), the most telling one was: “On the bright side, Kristen Stewart finally destroyed her reputation as the most boring person on earth.”
For too long, Stewart was the pale, expressionless Bella to Pattinson’s sparkly Edward. Who’d have guessed that the same woman who could barely mutter her dialogues throughout the entire film franchise could actually have an illicit affair with a married man and the father of two children and drive a stake through our beloved vampire heart? Stewart has inspired such intense hatred amongst the legions of Twihards that this whole cheating thing might actually be working in her favour. Case in point:
We can’t stop talking about her
Remember ex-Scientology bride Katie Holmes and how she dropped the bomb that she was finally leaving Tom Cruise (even as The Church was out to destroy her and Suri)? Did we, in our wildest dreams, think there could be anything more scandalous than that? Enter internet pictures of K-Stew canoodling with Sanders. The rest, as we say, is gossip history. Much has been said about Stewart, she has been called the P, W and S words by many. But she has single-handedly overshadowed all other news headlines – Mila-Ashton’s weird hook-up, JLo’s toyboy’s alleged gayness and Johnny Depp-Vanessa’s split.
She’s the most hated woman in Hollywood: Granted it isn’t quite in the same category as Oscar-winner, but the ‘most hated woman’ is still a title. If one were to go by the old showbiz adage, “Any publicity is good publicity”, Kristen is doing something right. Rumours circulating about her include – she hasn’t showered since the break-up, she might have had another affair and that she has been banned from Pattinson’s latest movie’s premiere. Not a day goes by without a Kristen Stewart-centric headline and this is after she and Robert practically went into hiding. What will happen when Twilight 4 promotions are in full swing? Wait and watch.
She’s also the hottest woman on ‘Earth’: She beat Scarlett Johansson and reigning Catwoman Anne Hathaway to the title, and so close to her cheating scandal too. Coincidence? If you say so.
She’s landed her first major role already… and it’s one she was fighting with Oscar nominee and Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence for. Sources added that despite her cheating scandal, the film industry is still willing to cast her as a leading lady and she bagged the lead role in Lie Down In Darkness, which is an adaptation of William Styron’s realistic novel of the same name. Judging by the last two weeks already, her pre-cheating resume looks far less impressive than the post-cheating one! On the other hand, Twilight won’t suffer from the publicity either, according to trade magazines. News Desk


  1. This girl is 22 years old. She cheated on her boyfriend, she didn't kill anybody, for heaven's sake! You Americans are such hypocrites. Calm down and get some perspective.

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