Demi not serious about new boyfriend


Actress Demi Moore is said to be faking her relationship with New Zealand actor Martin Henderson. The 49-year-old, who is rumoured to be dating Henderson, is not serious about him and is with him to show that she has moved on from her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, who is now rumored to be romancing Mila Kunis, reported Showbizspy. “The whole thing is a setup on Demi’s part. She’s hanging out with Martin in a desperate bid to make it seem as if she’s moved on from Ashton and got a new man for herself. But she hasn’t. “They’re friends and that’s it. The fact is that Martin kind of felt sorry for Demi. If anything, he’s just trying to pick up her spirits. He’s not really interested in a relationship with her at all,” a source said . Moore and Kutcher split amid claims that the latter cheated on her with a girl.