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Hindu pilgrims barred from crossing threshold

Rangers stopped 100 Hindu pilgrims at Wagah borders over issues with immigration documents on Friday.
Officials said the pilgrims would be allowed to enter India after their No Objection Certificates were received.
Earlier on Thursday Interior Minister Rehman Malik had term migration of Hindus from Pakistan as a conspiracy and said that the government was determined to provide complete security to minorities.
Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah had taken notice and directed Minister Excise Mukesh Kumar to visit Jacobabad and submit a report within three days.

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  1. Temur said:

    Rehman Malick said govt is determined to provide complete security to minorities.. what a joke ..
    even himself not sure about his own security…and talking about minorities ?

  2. Chaudhry Boota said:

    the friends of Imran Khan, Taliban would give them security like they did to the Sikhs..!

  3. Sadia Ali said:

    Shame on us we Pakiistanis . Thats what we are doing with our minorities . They opted to stay in Pakistan and are sons of soil but are forced to migrate after 65 years . We call ourselves Muslims but act against the teachings of our great religion .

    • Atif said:

      Sadia, bear in mind this is not indiscriminate behavior with minorities but if you see overall law and order situation in Pakistan, you will realize that it has become worst in the history of the country.
      People living in Baluchistan, Karachi, waziristan and other cities under constant insecurity should also leave the country. In a country where majority is not saved, how can be said about minorities that they are in-discriminated and mistreated? we Pakistani are ready to accept above mentioned blame if we are living comfortable and quality life.

  4. hammad said:

    they must allowed to leave for india for thier better future
    rehman malik is nothing
    why his family is living in england
    no body is forced to live anywhere
    govt. officials are stupid.

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