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US alerts its citizens in Pakistan

The United States Embassy has issued a security alert for the citizens living in Pakistan cautioning them to avoid visiting public places on Eid and August 14, a local television reported.
The security message reminds US citizens of potential threat posed by the presence of Al-Qaeda, Taliban and many related indigenous groups.
According to the report, these groups seek the opportunities to attack US citizens at locations where they might congregate during occasion like Eid and August 14.

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  1. Hamid Khan said:

    Forget about US. Even pakistanis are not safe in the country. It is well planned strategy of PPP government to resort to terrorism and sacre the people so that they can hold on to power. Looks at situation in Karachi where all parties are in governemt and their own members including minister are directly responsible for terrorism.

  2. abbas said:

    Timely advice by USA -what do you expect in bandit country where there is no law and order and run by clown prince zardari -a wahabi stooge

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