Sindh registers 223 HIV/Aids patients in 3 months


During the last three months, 223 people infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or Aids have been registered with the Sindh Aids Control Programme (SACP). SACP Manager Dr Arshad Mahmood said there were at least 100,000 HIV/Aids patients in the country but only around 10,000 have been registered. He also said that 10 people who were suffering from the deadly decease also came under the scrutiny during this period. With this, the total number of patients affected with HIV/Aids has gone up to 4,927 in the province.


  1. There is more need to aware the sindh people particulrly in rural areas where sodomy is fashioning last long and may be there were some HIV or AIDS petients but due to lack of knowledge or reluctant to be reported but if any government organization or NGO carried out a survay I beleive a lot of cases found existant. We should using folk media acknowledge population targeted above with out delay.

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