‘Lion of God’ remembered


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday directed senior officers of law enforcement agencies to ensure fool proof security arrangements in all districts of the province at the occasion of the anniversary of Hazrat Ali’s (RA) martyrdom.
He stressed that special security measures should be adopted at all mosques and Imam Bargahs with sufficient number of police personnel to ward off any untoward incident.
The CM ordered police and law-enforcing agencies to keep a vigilant eye on suspicious elements and to check the records of persons staying at different hotels, hostels and guest houses.
Furthermore, he said that security cordons should be formed at four locations on the routes of processions and jammers should be used so that any anti-state elements will be unable to achieve their nefarious designs.
He said that the police, administration and ulema, with mutual consultation, should ensure strict implementation of the timings of the processions besides making necessary arrangements for generators, streetlights and sanitation on the routes of the processions.