NRO implementation case: SC issues show-cause notice to PM


The Supreme Court on Wednesday summoned Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to appear before the court on August 27 to face possible contempt charges, escalating a wrangle over corruption cases against the president.
The court — which has already dismissed former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani over the issue — summoned his successor for ignoring a request to ask Swiss authorities to reopen cases against President Asif Ali Zardari.
It is the latest episode in a two-and-a-half-year saga in which the government has resisted demands to have Asif Ali Zardari investigated, arguing that as president he enjoys immunity.
The court had previously given Ashraf until August 8 to write to Switzerland asking it to reopen the multimillion-dollar graft probes.
“We issue notice to Raja Pervez Ashraf under (the) contempt of court act 2003, read with article 204 of the constitution to show cause as to why he may not be proceeded (against) in contempt of court and (is) not complying (with the) relevant direction of the court,” said Judge Asif Saeed Khosa.
“He shall appear in person at the next date of hearing. Hearing adjourned until August 27,” the judge added.
Critics of the judiciary and members Pakistan People’s Party accuse the court of over stepping its reach and waging a personal vendetta against the president.
The allegations against Zardari date back to the 1990s, when he and his wife, late premier Benazir Bhutto, were suspected of using Swiss bank accounts to launder $12 million allegedly paid in bribes by companies seeking customs inspection contracts.
The Swiss shelved the cases in 2008 when Zardari became president and the government insists the president has full immunity as head of state.
But in 2009 the Supreme Court overturned a political amnesty that had frozen investigations into the president and other politicians, ordering that the cases be reopened.
Zardari had already signed the contempt law, which sought to exempt government figures, including the president, prime minister and cabinet ministers from contempt for acts performed as part of their job.


  1. Why delay? We all know that ppp will never write the letter. Is SC being played like a drum? I hope SC doesn't make us all think that they are part of the game. It would be shameful if they were.

    • ? kind of these courts. SC is reprimanding, removing and transferring officials, and giving judgments on prices of consumer goods even fixing the prices of sugars, Samoosa,? History is evident that noone ever saw a tyrant judiciary anywhere?

    • I dont understand how PPP is winning. They wanted to get Shahadat certificate before the elections but are terribly failed

      • Please grow up Zeta. Judiciary is undermining parliament which is soul of democracy. Judges are unelected and appointed. So, how they can dictate parliament. They are responsible for economic crisis becoz they want to rule instead of delivering justice.

        • I agree with your point of keeping judiciary away from executive. However judiciary can't be kept away from the wrongdoings of executive and the executive is answerable and punishable for it. Regarding Democracy, Do you honestly think this is genuine democracy? Do you honestly think this government which came to power with 40% bogus votes is genuine leaders of people?


  3. great decision ,, all the people who criticize judiciary remember that no one is above the law.. remember Prophet's words regarding Fatima …that if she steals she will be punished no matter whose daughter she is .

    • What happened to Arsalan Iftikhar? When would the inquiry against him be allowed to re-commence? What happened to justice there? Gone to sleep!!!

      • Dear for how long this Swiss Letter case is in the court. Courts follows due procedure so that justice can be done.

    • Prophet's words regarding Fatima? The issue is Iftikhar' and party's words in favor of Arslan. If no one is above the law then Iftikhar ch. and his fellow PCO judges should submit for trial under high treason for breaking the constitution in 1999.

  4. What about Arsalan Iftikhar ? When would the inquiry against him be allowed to re-commence? What happened to justice there?

    • CJ and other rightists and conservatives like you are losing the game, and next elections will be contested on the issue of supremacy of parliament and not on performance of PPP govt. Performane is linked with this issue.

      • From your post it is clear to me that you are are most stupid idiot person. I dont live in Pakistan and live in very civilized country where even animal are treated better than humans in Pakistan. Even animals dont have to live in stone ages.If you come here I will keep you a pet give you better treatment than you get in Pakistan. I am very sure that you dont even know the definition od rightists and conservatives etc. I am nothing of the what you are assuming. I lived very peaceful and decent live after I left Pakistan. I see your comment which are stupid. I wlll provoke you more so that you right more and get worked up. ultimately you will die of heart attack or high blood pressure. In this process Pakistan will be able to get rid atleast one sick person. That will my conribution to Pakistan. So come again and I will provoke you more.

      • I game is you make fun of you. I am not losing any thing. I am just having fun after reading all this. I can say you are sick to core like your Hero Faisal Abidi.

  5. ? Justice. CJ is biased, court is over stepping its reach and waging a personal vendetta.
    CJ own corruption case is stopped, his son is mafia? What is this Justice !!!!
    Poor Pakistan ….

  6. Government is showing too much respect to SC which the present one does not deserve at all. They are overstepping their bounds. Parliament must assert itself and resist SC incursions. Enough is enough. These judges have dismissed one unanimously elected PM. And now, they are after another. It has become a joke. SC is insisting on implementation of a wrong order issued by them which is in direct conflict with Article 248 of the Constitution. The Government and Parliament should simply ignore SC in this matter and withdraw Notification of March 2009 restoring them which was also unconstitutional.

  7. CJ is not a saint or an angle – he is a twice PCO Judge – How can he dictate and elected govenrment – he should be trialled under treason – he violated the constitution of pakistan under oath which he took on quran, he is disgraced man, disgusting who support such a c*r*a*p. – just for being anti-ppp does not mean to give the whole system in the hands of a corrupt and cheap person who is running a personal grudge for not restored by this government – this country is a paying a heavy price eversince the CJ has come on screen.

  8. The First PM was dismissed to obscure the effect the corruption allegations on Arsalan Ibne Iftikhar Chaudhry and now the second PM will have to go because only a news as strong as dismissal of a PM can divert Public’s attention from the suspension of NAB inquiry into the corruption scandals of CJ’s sonThe judiciary in Pakistan continues to make a mockery of itself. How will the Govt/Prime minister function if he/she keeps running around listening cases of contempt of court.. Mr. Ashraf should get ready to get fired out of the office now like his predecessor…. The question that remains is what the judiciary will do when it has no people left to take the PM’s position as everyone will be fired out of the office by then… No doubts in the answer here, I guess the CJ will then appoint himself/herself the P.M. as a tribute to Pakistan’s political history!

  9. I am at pains to see the acts of our judges. They seem intoxicated by the unexpected so-called successes in the aftermath of the movement for the independence of the judiciary. What the courts are now doing will go down in history as comparable to the famous Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan case. Judicial dictatorship is emerging from the cloak of judicial activism. It is worth mentioning here what John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court wrote in his recent verdict while deciding Obama’s healthcare law: “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” If our people have chosen the present legislators as their rulers and they in turn have chosen Asif Ali Zardari as the president of Pakistan then so be it. Let us now wait until the next elections and see how people vote. It is the price we should pay if we want democracy to continue in Pakistan. Currently, judges are tacitly colluding with the opposition, which is very damaging for the people and the country.

    • Well said Imran. Democracy in Pakistan is a relative concept. Pakistanis are so used to living in a box that they are afraid to look out of it. We creat our Angels(SC) and Monsters (Zardari&co). How can a country function where the CJ is pronouncing opinion on everything other than on his own conduct. Pakistan is in a state of paralysis. The ministers are selected to serve the President rather than the people.. The only solution would be to call an early election and put every doubt to rest for once and all. All immunity is relative . Is it not? The opposition is enjoying the showdown but it too will face the music soon!.

  10. CJ is corrupt and his son runs an IT company which showed Chief Justice House Islamabad as its office in its bank account. Pls watch FaisalRazaAbdi press conference on youtube with proofs of CJ son's bank transactions.

    • Here I am again you stupid idiot. Faisal Abidi your hero is Rabid dog. i know there is no dearth of rabid is Pakistan, Come again i will provoke you more till you die you idiot

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