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President expresses deep concern over plight of Rohingya Muslims

President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed deep concerns over the loss of life and property of Rohingya Muslims during the ethnic clashes in the State of Rakhine, Myanmar.
In a letter addressed to the President of Myanmar, the President called for hastening the process of rehabilitation of Rohingya Muslims so that they can return to their homes and lead a safe and secure life.
The President said that Government and the people of Pakistan were saddened to learn about the losses of the Muslims and were deeply concerned about their plight.
Underlining the importance of peaceful co-existence of various communities for the strengthening of democracy in Myanmar, the President said that the communal harmony was imperative to reap the fruits of democracy. He said that only peaceful coexistence of various communities will ensure that the democratic transition was not reversed.

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  1. Hamid Khan said:

    Zardari does not even care about plight of people of Pakistan. In fact he is responsible for all the ills of Pakistan. He even killed his own wife. How can he be caring about muslims else. Every day hundred of people get killed in Pakistan. He should take care of that first.

    • kyaw win myanmar said:

      rohingya being stateless people in their own country .no super power countries act on rohingyan issues because of their economic policies .eventually neighbouring countries .they do not rise any voice against of myanmar i appreciate to the pakistani prime minister jardari .he was concerned over the rohingya massacre in myanmar.i am really grateful to the president of pakistan.may allah long live you

  2. abbas said:

    Zardari now you are acting like a stateman which you are not -charity begins at home-what about the innocent Shias killed in your back garden-you are nothing but a hypocrite!

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