Power protests justified: LHC


Chief Justice Lahore High Court (LHC) Umar Ata Bandial said that protests against load shedding are justified.
He made these remarks while hearing the loadshedding case in LHC. He said residents in Lahore faced upto 18 hours of load shedding along with water shortages and had no other option but to go protest.
He further said that government officials sitting in air conditioned rooms had no idea about the plight of common man.
The court summoned the load shedding schedule of previous six months and proof of steps taken to inform public about the load shedding.


  1. street protest are not enough. People should physically attack president house, P.M house and houses of PPP ministers and MNA. They should force govt to reduce expenditure on their luxries and reduce number of useless ministers and advisors and divert funds towards paying circular debt. if they listen drag them out their houses and hang them in public. if you hang couple of them they will listen It is worh trying to reduce your misery and exploitaton at hands of these crooks and corrupt people

    • @Hamid, I politely ask, exactly what are you doing about it? Talk the talk & walk the walk…

      • I am simply asking you to people of Pakistan to revolt against this government and throw them out. Why are suffering when you dont need. I dont live in Pakistan. I get electricity 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. I dont even remember if there was a power outage for last 35 yeras except for few minutes/seconds here nad there. why are suffering. i am trying to wake you up. Take control of life.

  2. Is this high court's job to justify burning public property. Does this Peterson deserve to be Chief Justice? His job is to protect lie and property not promote lawlessness and violence.

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