MQM invites PTI leaders to visit Nine Zero


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar, following his meeting with leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has invited PTI Chairman Imran Khan to visit Nine Zero.
According to Media Reports, flanked by PTI leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi at a joint press talk, he said political contacts by Muttahida leaders are intended to steer the country out of current difficult phase, adding the country is facing internal and external challenges. He said the country is passing through a critical phase.
Earlier, the MQM delegation led by Sattar called on PTI leaders at their Lahore office to bring forward the political reconciliatory process.
On the occasion, Sattar invited the PTI leaders and particularly the party chief Imran Khan to visit the MQM headquarters.


  1. Imran and PTI.
    As i study the above from a lond distance it appears the party has gone through 4 stages!
    After years of wandering and making a few mistakes on the way Imran decided to launch
    his own political party1) Birth of PTI.2) But will it grow? It took nearly 15 years for Imran and his inexperinced though dedicated followers to make it happen. The green shoots
    of growth became apparent. But could it 3) sustain? the party was faced with the litmus test in Lahore –it passed with flying colours. It proved the critics wrong . It was not a one man show! Was the party 4) Ripe? No it needed pure fertilizer but not enough was available so it had to compromise and use usable likes of mehmood quereshi. Kasuri and Hashmi. The opponents of PTI were in for rude awakening. They saw the gathering Tsunami over the horizon and closed ranks and are doing their best
    to keep PTI marginalised. The fact of the matter is Imran and his party cannot sweep the polls alone and they have decided to ally with the rightest parties much to the dissappoinments of their secular minded followers! Is it the mother of necessity or marriage of convenience on both sides.? It will not last.
    The party is need of mature advice. Being in the opposition is political suicide in Pakistan .One cannot achieve anything as Imran has experienced earlier.
    Is Imran born to be the ever wandering Moses leading his followers to the promised land but not actually making it? I hope Tsunami of hope does not end in greek tragedy.
    I know not the solution but understand the problem. I prey for you Imran but am worried1

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