Improved water level brings no respite from outages


The current spell of rain has increased water level at the reservoirs in and around the twin cities but has failed to provide respite to the masses from load shedding.
The water level in Simly Dam, Rawal Lake and Khanpur Dam has considerably improved after the heavy rains. Residents of the twin cities said that power outages were rampant during the day and were only relaxed during night time.
According to experts, water level at Rawal Lake dam has improved by 2.5 inches and is expected to rise further by 7-8 inches.
The improvement in underground water level failed to facilitate citizens who complained that the problem of water scarcity existed in many areas of the city.
Residents of sectors I-10 and G-10 said that an artificial water crisis was developed in their areas to benefit the business of private tankers, which were earning Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,700 per tanker.