Tourism, health depts without salaries!


The employees of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) in Grade 1-16 protested in front of the head office against the nonpayment of salaries. The general secretary of the employees’ union, Waqar Ahmad, said the Tourism Department had not paid salaries to the staff from grade-1 to 16 for the last six months.
He said the employees had been protesting against the nonpayment of salaries in front of the department’s head office for several days, but no concrete step was being taken by those at the helm of affairs to resolve the issue.
HEALTH DEPT STAFF SANS SALARIES FOR 4 MONTHS: More than 100 employees of the Health Department are not being paid salaries for the past four months, creating unrest amongst them.
It has been learnt that 152 sanitary workers, inducted in the Rawalpindi Health Department on the directives of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for dengue programme, have not received a single penny during the last four months.
They were promised salaries in the month of Ramadan, but now they are being told that they would get salaries after Eidul Fitr. This situation has greatly perturbed the workers who are finding it hard to run their households in such a situation.
The workers have demanded of the Punjab chief minister to look into the matter and issue orders for immediate payment of their salaries.