President for early constitution of commission on new provinces


President Asif Ali Zardari Friday said that he looked forward to early constitution of the commission that would look into the issues of the creation of separate province and to initiate the process of amendments in the constitution.
He added that creating a separate province was part of PPP’s nation-building process and it would further strengthen the federation.
Talking to a delegation comprising notables and parliamentarians from Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, the president said the new province would help address the issues of fair distribution of resources.
He said it would also create economic opportunities and address legislative and administrative empowerment and other issues of major concern to the people of South Punjab.
The president said that the party took the first concrete step with the help of its allies, tabling and adopting a resolution in the lower house of the parliament.
He called upon the parliamentarians and notables to go to the masses and put the issue of South Punjab in the correct perspective as the creation of a separate province was not aimed against anyone but was part of the nation building process of PPP.
The president reiterated that the PPP was an egalitarian party which believed in the nation-building process and not merely in the politics of sloganeering for getting votes.
He said that the PPP was sincere with the people of South Punjab and that is why it promised separate province to them keeping in view their aspirations and legitimate demands. He said that the party will continue making all efforts to fulfill its promise during its current tenure.
The participants also spoke on host of issues with special reference to the issues being faced by the people of Southern Punjab including the prevailing energy crisis. They also brought various developmental issues of their areas to the attention of the president.


  1. By the making of new provinces there will be new assemblies, more CMs more ministers. and these minister will be the same which are currently in the assemblies.
    by making new assemblies there will be a huge expenditure on these assemblies, huge expenditures on the new ministries. National wealth will be ruined on these assemblies.

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