Friends, foes equally involved in Balochistan


Interior Minister Rehman Malik informed the Senate on Friday that 14 organisations were operating in Balochistan and both friends and foes of Pakistan were equally involved in financing and encouraging them to cause the uprising.
Enlightening the members on the latest situation, Malik said, “Give me an opportunity and let me tell you what our friends are doing with us. Let our enemies be put aside and let me give you astonishing facts about the friends.”
In continuation of his Thursday’s speech delivered to wind up the discussion on Balochistan, Malik unveiled numerous evidences of linkages among the Baloch dissidents and neighbouring countries like Afghanistan and India. He, however, avoided naming the friendly countries and once again requested for an in-camera briefing.
He also showed proof of training camps in Afghanistan and number of official letters written by the Afghan State government to its departments regarding providing funds, visas, passports and arms and ammunition to Brahamdagh Bugti and his operators inside Balochistan.
He also showed proof of training Pakistani insurgents within Afghanistan in Kandhar and other areas who were later sent to Pakistan for carrying out terrorist activities.


  1. Government should bring this issue to people of country and tell what friends were involved.

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