Decision on contempt law, president to consult legal experts


President Asif Ali Zardari has called the meeting of legal experts and lawyers belonging to PPP on Sunday to consider the aftermath of the court decision regarding contempt law.
Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, Farooq H Naik and Sardar Latif Khosa among other lawyers would participate in the meeting, which would be held in the presidency. The meeting would discuss all the options for the government after Supreme Court has declared the newly inducted contempt law null and void.
On the other hand, the parliamentary party of PPP has also been called on August 8 where political situation of the country and affairs pertaining to court would come under discussion.


  1. The Judges are government servants and can't over rule the mandate of people of Pakistan. These judges are guilty of contempt of people's mandate.

  2. Why Mr. President are you calling legal experts from PPP only? Are there no others.? Any
    way the subject is irrelevent because the final judgement has been passed. When is this circus going to finish? You are the President—lead by example. You appear to be holding the country as hostage for your own end.

  3. @Dr. M.M Khan, perhapes you r looking upside down. It is CJ who has held all others hostage, even though he is unelected but he does not let parliament to paas legislation and has held the state apparatus functionless.

    • I would trust supreme court rather than these illitrate legislators. Most of these scumbs (W**H**O**R**E**S) cnat even read and write let alone undestand the law. They just follow instruction from Zardari whose only oblective is to loot, plunder and rape the nation. These PPP scumbs must be eliminated for good of Pakistan,Thank GOD some one is looking after nation's interest

    • Perhaps you are right. President Zardari was not if i recollect keen to have the CJ back but had to bow down to the public demand.
      Who was that in the early hours of morning annouced the extension of the CJ tenure.?–It was the ex PM. He is out of a job now. There is a battle of wills going on while the state suffers from policy paralysis. The ball is still in the President,s court like it or not.
      By the way i was not aware that judges are elected in pakistan–i thought the President appointed them on the advice of his PM. Am i wrong?Is it the principle or the substance at stake. We are at the edgje of a precipice. Sound sense should pervail.

  4. Parliament is sovereign body becoz it s represented by people and all other organs of state are creation of parliament. Parliament is elected and other organs unelected.

  5. Its pure power struggle!! SC let the government machinery work!! focus should be on providing relief to the masses and not putting the system at halt!! for the past 4 years both government and the judiciary has miserably failed!!

  6. No Security.
    No electricity.
    No jobs.
    No hope.
    But lets waste time saving a bad law.

    Grow up PPP.

  7. In Magna Carta the law was made supreme so the King (John) could not usurp the power of the people. The Government was made to act in accordance with the law. So the King was accountable to the Law. There is no immunity from the law for the King or his Government. In Pakistan the Constitution is the supreme Law and any law was is ultra vires the constitution is null and void. Before Magna Carta the King was above the Law and behaved like a barbarian against his subjects after it he behaved in a civil manner and acted with in the Law. All the Pakistani courts are doing is holding the rulers accountable to the Law. With out this check the Government would run wild. The Judges have basically followed the Magna Carta as we follow the English Common Law.

  8. O people,what happened to you?new law is a bad law.the current parliament has no mandate for passing laws that only serve their interests.people are always against such laws.the parliament should serve the people not themselves,they are our servants not masters,they are suppose to represent us at their best not dictate us.what if zardari (mr 10 percent) with his team pass such law that kpk,pan jab and balochistan will have no right to vote in coming election,would that be a good law,would in that case parliament will represent the people of Pakistan to their best interest?
    Supreme court has the power declare any law null and void if it is agaisnt the consti.we are not used to such decision of the court going agaist the govt of the day but that is how it should be in a true democratic society and in the society of learned and civilized.

    • what an excellent comment esp. the last part! But is any body listening? Pakistan is not the society of the learned and civilized but of corrupt and power hungry politicians.
      In Western countries rich people get into politics to serve their country but in pakistan people get into politics to enrich themselves. Am i wrong?

      I hope you will continue to write such excellent comments!

  9. Isn't SC the highest authority on law and constitution? Aren't they the experts? I hope we are not appointing uneducated and unqualified people to the SC. If we appoint the best then why do we have to question their judgement? Does that mean that we don't have faith in our own appointees? If not, then why and how did they get appointed? It is a reflection upon the people recommending them for appointment. Zardari has crossed every limit to preserve his job even at the cost of destroying Pakistan. The country in is worse shape today then it ever has been in its history. Thanks jiayalas!!!

  10. Pakistan is in the worst shape it has even been in its history. Thanks to ppp and jiayalas, Pakistan is number 11 on the failed states list. Ban jiayalas from breeding and Pakistan's world standings would shoot up. They keep dragging the country down.

    • I understand you don't like jiaylas but is your proposal practicable.? It is a pipedream born out of frustration. Pakistan is not a failed state yet but it has become dysfunctional—there is still hope. A state is what it's people want it to be!

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